Семья Андреасян, г. Сочи

“It is been long that I’ve been going to write this post of great love and gratitude!!! Yet there are much more feelings inside than the words can say!!!! And writing about something very important and valued is not at all easy!

Thanks to the entire DobroMore team for these incredible days! For this completely different world of kindness and happiness, for everything that you did for us, and that we did together. We finally got home. But we will never be the same as before. We became alive and real, we rethought and kept a lot. I brought with me wonderful life-lasting memories  from Montenegro, and the confidence that there are VERY MANY kind people in the world! And the good is among us in general! You guys are incredible! Thank you all for every bright day we have lived together. DobroMore, you are in our hearts forever! We miss you already. We hope to see you soon"