Семья Шибаевых, г. Кёльн

"Many thanks to all the founders and organizers of the DobroMore project!!! We knew that something unforgettable is bound to happen in such a gorgeous natural atmosphere, but we didn’t think that everything would take place in such warm family settings. We have been far from our relatives for many years. and have forgotten what it means to be in the midst  of a big and friendly family. Endless hugs, happy faces, support and impeccable organization are what we encountered upon arrival.

The program showed and taught how to love each day again, how to find something special in the most ordinary things. The program proved once again that a person is multifaceted and each of us hides a huge potential, which we can develop endlessly. A smile, good mood and available tools are enough for this. There are so many interesting things in the world that leave no time to be sad and discouraged. In ordinary life, we always hurry somewhere. There is no time to pause, understand and hear your own desires and needs. Here, in DobroMore, a personality reboots, so you feel yourself alive again and feel your emotions.

We are absolutely satisfied with our participation in the project. If there is such an opportunity, we will definitely come again !!! "