Most interesting info about us

The start

The work on the project has begun in spring 2019. We have already a dream-team. Soon we will start to accept the applications of the care-receivers and volunteers.


  1. We have held several meetings. We have been investigated, choosing, arguing, actively discussing all details. We have developed a unique program of training sessions and master-classes. Soon we will publish the program of our rehabilitation centre.
  2. Our project gets to social networks. Hurra! We write about the most important current events, please follow the team work and the news at Facebook, Instagram, ВКонтакте.
  3. Hurra! We open the application process for volunteers and the care-receivers, please find the form at our site or in social networks, and write to us


  1. First interviews with the volunteers have taken place. Finally we know the names of our herous, yet we are still actively searching! Fill in the form at our site, perhaps we are just waiting for YOU!
  2. Splendid news: the main partner of the first DobroMore program period has become a five-star hotel in Budva, Hotel Splendid Conference & Spa. The hotel provides free-of-charge accomodation and catering to all participants. We thank the hotel management for this opportunity!
  3. The application process has ended. The tickets are booked, the program has put into work, only three weeks have left till the beginning of the first program period.

Rehabilitation program

In the program of social and psychological rehabilitation, we implement the method of therapeutic recreation. This is a specially developed leisure program, aimed to achieving certain therapeutic effects: enhancement of self-confidence, improvement of social skills, reducing anxiety, mastering a new kind of leisure, and, importantly — improvement of physical condition.

Important components of the therapeutic recreation method are: psychological support, physical practices, recreation, refill of the internal resource, do-together projects and individual creativity.

In the Dobro More program, the main goal of rehabilitation is to support the family as a resource for extension of child's capacities. The program provides separate events for children and parents, as well as the joint activities, that help each participant to understand better themselves and the other .

The Dobro More program is run on a busy schedule. In course of 10 days, the time is allocated to maximize the quality and comfort. The schedule encompasses interaction activities, active master-classes, excursions, hikes, creative workshops, rest and meditation.

Each program block concerns joy, opportunities, mutual assistance and being-together.

A special part of the program is the training. Dobro More volunteers follow a three-day special preparatory training. They learn to work in a team, reflect on special topics, get acquainted and make friends, and also learn about each family that participates in rehabilitation.

An equally important program part concerns physical activities: trips and hikes together, SUP boarding, archery, strolls, hippo-therapy, excursions and site-seeing in Budva.

Creative master-classes bring inspiration, help to find inner powers. Co-reaction gives energy! The topic of master-classes are various: theatre, decoration of candles, drawing and even toy-making.

The psychological support that is provided during the whole program and is so important, is not separated into blocks, nor into the support for adults and children. It is given to each participants from very beginning, from the first minute upon arrival. Even at the preparatory stage, we supported each family in their decision to attend the program, helped with booking the tickets, told about all details. Integral psychological support is a key part of the rehabilitation. We cannot tell about all details of it, yet we let you feel this.