Polina Perovskaya

Polina trains Dobro More volunteers, coordinates and participates in Dobro More rehabilitation programs. A politologist and social studies teacher by education, she teaches English online, and runs creative workshops for children and adults. For more than 3 years she has been actively volunteering in the field of rehabilitation of children, teenagers and families in conditions of serious illness.

Since 2017 — volunteer at the Arina Tubis Foundation, volunteer at the Sheredar Foundation (rehabilitation of children using the method of therapeutic recreation, immersion into a creative process).
Since 2018 — a hospital clown by "Hospital clowns of Karelia".
Since 2019, she is in Dobro More coordination team.

She supports the Dobro More project, since:

  1. It is an opportunity to share experience in the field of creative rehabilitation and other fields.
  2. This is a wonderful harmonizing space in a magical place between the sea and mountains.
  3. This is a strong team of professionals united by a common goal.
  4. This is a high-quality effective rehabilitation program, including master classes in different areas, serious psychological support and much more. This makes the process unforgettable, and from the first days gives a visible result.
  5. DobroMore is a breath of fresh air that leaves a long-lasting feeling of magic!
Polina Perovskaya