Theatre of Feelings "DobroMore" presented the premiere

Dear friends, our project “DobroMore” expands its horizons. One of the active directions of our work has become the Theatre of Feelings, whose mission is to bring kindness and light to every spectator.

Owing to your support, the premiere of the play “Knight of Flowers” has been held on July 2nd and 3rd. This play is an incredible, touching and amazing adventure presentation about kindness, courage, love and mercy. The full version of the premiere can be viewed on our Youtube channel,  During the performance, almost EUR 1,000 have been  collected for the charitable purposes of our volunteer organization "Good Deed", its projects, assistance to the care receivers. We are very happy about this and hope for your further support and help. Thank you, kind hearts, for your responsiveness and time you gave to making good!

We express our gratitude and appreciation for the great achievement, work, time, creativity and patience to the director Lyudmila Vasileva and the assistant director Ralf Bettinger. Special thanks go to Lyudmila Vasileva for the musical realization of the idea of the play.

Low bow to the ensemble of performers, that emerged and trained to play together within a month, thank you for your patience and mutual inspiration. Our heroes are Alexandra Vershinina, Evgeny Vorotnikov, Ekaterina Zaitseva-Savkovich, Stanislav Krasheninnikov, Maria Nikitinskaya, Vera Chuprak, Vladimir Savkovich, Maria Sidorkina, Alina Titova, Mark Titov, Kira Tsupko, Raisa Tsupko, Dragomir Yurtaev.

The brilliance and brightness of the actor images was contributed  by the original costumes of Svetlana Shishkina, Tatyana Milovanova, Anna Egorova, the Budva Carnival Society, as well as by the scenery of Irina Gundyreva, Ralph Bettinger, Andrey Sedletsky and Artem Vershinin. A superb work of light has been done by Ralph Bettinger and Konstantin Furasiev. The make-up of our beautiful heroes was done by Alesya Kovalchuk.

The excellent recording of songs, a combination of echo and music, live voices and the background sounds has emerged in the sound support from Andrey Moroz, Roman Boyarkin and Konstantin Furasiev. We thank our vocalists, who, despite the frequent rehearsals and the tight schedule of preparation for the performance, have thoroughly achieved the desired intonation, we thank Alexandra Vershinina, Alice Chance, Darina De Palmo.

Как настроишь инструмент, так он и заиграет. Благодарность тем, кто сумел сплотить за 1 месяц разных творческих людей в одно целое, один организм. Спасибо Драгомиру Юртаеву, Антону Кетову, Виктору Кошелю и Катарине Синчилло за бесценные советы и поддержку!
An instrument will play as you tune it. We thank those who managed to bring together various creative people into a single entity, a single organism within a month. We thank Dragomir Yurtaev, Anton Ketov, Viktor Koshel and Katarina Sincillo for their invaluable advice and support!

To let people to find out about the performance, to come to see it or to watch it online is the work of those who have been promoting the premiere all these days. Thanks for all advertising and promotion work to Tatyana Vedyashkina, Alina Titova, Maria Sidorkina, Fidel Savkovich and his friends, Evgenia Gamm, Olga Nizhnichenko and the students of the DobroMore Open School.

Much thanks to Natalia Ermakova and Yuli Nazarov for organization of on-line translation of the premiere.

Special thanks to Artem Vershinin for the professional photography!

Special thanks for support and inspiration to Maria Krasheninnikova, Irina Petrova, Raymond Zoller, Katya Kuznetsova, Viktor Kovalev, Avner Ben, Igor (Yoga Alive), Anna and Elena Zelinsky (Art Studio), Sergey Markelov (rehearsal room), Hotel Splendid, and personally to Vadim Shirin.

Nothing would have happened without the organizers and instigators of the case: Alina Titova and Evgeny Vorotnikov!

A low bow for the idea, inspiration and motivation to the screenwriter and author of poetry, to Svetlana Ben. She became a shining ray for all, a ray showing the direction to good. Unfortunately, Sveta has passed away in spring. Yet she lives in every smile of the viewers and in every word of the actors. Svetlana, thank you!

Thank you all , friends!

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DobroMore team


Theatre of Feelings "DobroMore" presented the premiere