Анна Милославова, г. Мурманск

“I would like to share with you my impressions on the changes in the life of my family after the rehabilitation. Of course, we became more credent and open to people, while before that we felt isolation and distrust.

Why, when you face such a sea of goodness, you begin to change for the better and completely rethink your life. Conversations with a psychologist and attending the master classes (sculpting, dancing, sledding, yoga, candle making, painting, horse riding, archery, theater) made me view many things differently. I began to value my time more and not forget that we came to this planet to enjoy life and bring joy to others. I began to pay more attention to my family and friends. Sometimes I so-to-say suspend the running of time a little, try to distance myself from the hustle and bustle and see if I did not miss anything. My children have become more joyful and happy. They felt very comfortable and interested during the rehabilitation program, they became more self-confident and bolder. Now they really miss the friends they have met and the time spent with them.

Overall, I recognize better now that the happiness depends on ourselves too! After all, God has created so many beautiful, gorgeous and interesting things, while in the hustle and bustle we do not notice those. During the rehabilitation program, there was time to think about life and feel the taste of it. I would like to thank the organizers of the program and volunteers for these wonderful days spent with you in the most beautiful place on earth: Becici, Montenegro!"