Training of the volunteers

One of the most important stages of a family rehabilitation program is the training of DobroMore volunteers. The volunteers are those wonderful people who come from
all over the world to share their energy, experience and skill with the care-receivers in a program.

DobroMore volunteers are the core and the most valuable resource of a program! These mere people make it happen what the program participants later call a miracle, magic, a gift of fate, and so on. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the organization of the rehabilitation of Dobromore families from the very beginning, participate in volunteer team building, and later observe and actively participate in joint activities.

Who are these sorcerers? What is so special about them?

When thinking of these questions, I smile broadly. I recall glowing eyes of each participant after the training preceding the program and sincere warm hugs at the end of the program.

Everyone can become a volunteer! Everyone who feels an inner fire, desire to learn and share what can be useful and important for the participants of the program.
Both experienced volunteers and beginners take part in DobroMore program. But absolutely everybody was able to make a valuable contribution to the common cause. We are all different and this uniqueness allows us to make the rehabilitation truly effective! In order to reveal the talents of everyone and put them on full demand, we conduct the training and team building sessions for volunteers.

Theory and practice

Right before each program, the volunteers involved go through a special 4-day training period, that includes a rich theoretical base and a deep practical part. The theory involves  the basics of the DobroMore Program, its basic principles and goals, immersion to the "happiness therapy" method and working out the details of a specific program period. The practice gives the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge gained and perfect the new

Besides, the important part of the training is the workout of the communication and interaction issues among the volunteers, of the partnership and well-coordinated teamwork. It is this when all the masks fly off and the volunteers reveal their true personalities.

We play a lot, since through the play the internal transformation takes place. There are tears, and laughter, and protest, and new discoveries — the volunteers experience widely varying emotions when performing the exercises of all kinds. But in the end, owing to this deep-going work, each volunteer discovers something new in oneself and in the others, expands the personal comfort zone and becomes aware of their role in the program. The training reveals the talents of volunteers, flushes away their fears and doubts, and all volunteers become a single team, ready to carry out a high-quality rehabilitation.

Training of the volunteers