DobroMore - North

As many of you know, in addition to volunteer support for medical treatment in Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, we also provide education and training for volunteers, educational programs, and rehabilitation programs for families with children who are sick or just underwent a severe illness. The project is called DobroMore and is based in Montenegro.

At the moment, we have an opportunity to purchase a wonderful house in the northern part of Montenegro and create a site there.  This will not only allow us to run our programs all-year-round, but also provide financies for these programs.

The house is located in Durmitor National Park, Montenegro. It is one of the most beautiful and pollution-free places in Europe, in just 2.5 hours drive from the sea and from the southern branch of our center where we can carry out our programs off-season.

You can find the video presentation of this DobroMore-North center at our Youtube channel:

There in the center, we and eventually you can hold diverse activities: rehabilitation and health programs - for families with sick children, for women in a difficult family situation, for those surviving a traumatic loss;  yoga tours, detox tours, as well as  educational-environmental camps, astronomical trips, the schools in language, math, etc, as well as corporate and youth meetings, Orthodox camps, ski camps; gatherings of tourist and chess clubs, orchestra, companies; birthday celebrations, family and friend reunions; concerts, folklore festivals, seminars, coworking projects, team-building training sessions and much more...
The use of the site can be very diverse, and - what is important – it is available all year round!

We need all the help! Even a small amount will bring us closer to a big goal!
You can donate for the purchase of the DobroMore-North Center to any account on the websites and or using the details specified below.


The DobroMore-North Center will be run as a club. Membership in the club will allow a member of the club to recreate at the premises, take part in the programs, conduct their own programs: for free or on preferential terms. It will also provide constant and reliable financial assistance to our projects.
For the very first 100 members, the club entry fee is only € 100 with the annual membership costs of only € 120.

An equity participation in the purchase of the object, in addition to free use of the facility, will makes it possible to receive a residence permit in Montenegro.
The minimum share is € 20,000.

For detailed information and signing contracts, do not hesitate to contact me urgently by e-mail or whats-app: +49 178 5408805

This house can become our home!
The price is € 150,000.
Let's buy it together!

Donations are accepted at the bank account:

ME25510000000115578256, CKB, Alina Titova and Paypal:

There are possibilities of equity and club participation.
Details on the website: or by phone: +49 178 5408805