Briefly ABOUT US

The DobroMore organization is engaged in charitable, educational and social projects.

What are we doing?

  • we support families and individuals in difficult situations;

  • 2 times a year we conduct rehabilitation programs for families from the former Soviet Union, in which one or several members have had serious illnesses or suffer from chronic illnesses;

  • 2 times a year we conduct educational trainings for volunteers and specialists in the field of charity;

  • we conduct research programs on education, ecology, charity and rehabilitation;

  • we organize recreation for families and volunteers under our care;

  • we carry out environmental education among the population of Montenegro;

  • we organize co-working and co-living for specialists with various resources;

  • we support the work of Dobro Delo - a volunteer organization in Europe that helps sick children and their families during treatment in Europe;

  • we support the Open School - an intellectual club for children aged 9 up to 16, where the achievements of culture, science and technology are being popularized.

Events are held regularly:

  • classes at the Open School, meetings of psychological groups, trainings, theatrical and musical evenings, trips and excursions, recreation at sea and in the mountains, sports events, lectures and meetings with interesting people, astronomical observations with field trips, environmental events, hikes and much more.

Welcome to the new world! We can make it happier.

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