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Rehabilitation program

The Dobro More Center runs social and psychological rehabilitation programs for families where a child has experienced or is suffering from a serious illness. The program is aimed at helping those who were in the harsh situation to return to a normal and happy life, find resources and expand the boundaries of their capacity. The program goals are:

  • Improving the quality of life after a previous illness.
  • Physical and mental recuperation, easing anxiety in parents and children.
  • Restoration of a positive perception of life, family and society.
  • Assisting parents in coping with the effects of stress and in teaching children the strategies of adaptive behavior in stress and social communications.
  • Teaching new kinds of leisure activities for families.
  • Easing of some physical restrictions in a specially created safe environment.
  • Helping people to get rid of “disabled person mentality” and become active subjects of their own life.

The program is held on the shores of Adriatic Sea, in Montenegro, at the Splendid five-star hotel for 7 days. The participation is free. Send a request.