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21 November
We’re finally back home. But we will never be the same as before. We have become alive and real, we have rethought a lot of things and kept them. I brought from Montenegro with me wonderful memories for life, and the confidence that there are VERY MULTIPLE kind people in the world!
23 July
I want to share with you my impressions about how my family’s life has changed after rehabilitation. Of course, we have become more trusting and more open to people, as before we felt withdrawn and distrustful…
23 July
A huge thank you to all the creators and organizers of the Dobro More project!!!! We knew that something unforgettable should happen in such a gorgeous natural atmosphere, but we didn’t think that everything would take place in such a family, warm atmosphere….
23 July
In October my daughter and I were lucky enough to visit Montenegro, where the first shift of Dobro More, a rehabilitation program for children and families after difficult situations, was held. We didn’t know what was waiting for us when we packed our bags, but we were inspired.