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IT meetup in Budva

On January 28, a meeting of IT specialists was held in Budva. Here it was possible to learn about interesting projects and startups, meet various specialists, socialize and find partners for mutual cooperation. We also took part in it with the project “DobroMore Open School”. The project is aimed at developing children’s interest in science, providing them with the opportunity to learn relevant knowledge firsthand, raising their interest in science, the world, learning and knowledge. In addition, the project allows adults to participate: to broaden their horizons, to look at science with a new fresh eye. There is no school program at the DobroMore school. We invite scientists, specialists, teachers, interesting creative people who give interesting material.

DobroMore School is a prototype of the school of the future, where there are interested children, interested parents and specialists who support their interest, fall in love and infect them with the desire to learn about the world. We organize various activities that allow us to nurture one of the basic needs – the need to learn, healthy curiosity.