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Chekaida family, Kiev

In October my daughter and I were lucky enough to visit Montenegro, where the first shift of Dobro More, a rehabilitation program for children and families after difficult situations, was held. We didn’t know what was waiting for us when we packed our bags, but we were inspired. My daughter imagined that it would be like a children’s camp, and I imagined that I would just be with her. But this is a case where the result exceeded expectations many times over…..

Most importantly, I could see that my daughter was very happy, she was very interested and eager to participate in all the activities. It is very inspiring to realize how much you can do yourself – decoupage, mosaics, dancing, theater, riding on sup, exercising on horses, archery, drawing on stones and on T-shirts and many other interesting things. And I also discovered that talking to a psychologist is normal and healthy, and talking about my worries and fears is normal too. All this gave me confidence and gave me the idea that we are able to fill our lives with interesting activities and events, to be useful, helping others and from this to be happy, not dwelling on our problems and stress.

Gracious nature, sea, luxurious Splendid hotel, incredible kind people, ancient temples of Montenegro and beautiful Budva…. We were only bathed in this luxury of goodness for a week, and it felt like about a month. It felt like it wasn’t with me. When we arrived home, a gray reality awaited us, but I already knew that we could easily change everything ourselves. Today we live a full life – our daughter goes to school, does music, attends English courses. She has become more independent and confident and, more and more, she does things on her own (she doesn’t ask for help with her homework or to take her to school). I go to the gym – it gives me confidence and positive emotions, and I communicate with a psychologist on Thursdays, as I realized that I need to dig into myself and calm down.

Thank you very much DobroMora! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me what to strive for and how bright and easy it is to fill life with goodness, meaning, positivity, energy and just a smile and a kind word.