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DobroMore Theater

Friends, this year an amateur charity theater “DobroMore” was established in Budva. It is an international uniting project, in which people from Israel, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Montenegro and other countries participate, with the aim of bringing happiness back to people.

The theater helps adults and children to open up and cope with life’s difficulties. We show performances for children and adults. Our first performance is a musical fairy tale about how beautiful good feelings in spite of obstacles and fears return to the world a blooming garden, which was taken over by the queen of garbage Evil Evil, turning the world into a garbage dump and a sleeping swamp, where crooks rule, putting its inhabitants to sleep with information without good feelings and the meaning of life. We invite everyone to support our theater “DobroMore”!

Author and idea – Svetlana Ben,
Directors: Ralph Bettinger and Lyudmila Vasilieva,
Concert and musical composition: Lyudmila Vasilieva.