Приглашаем принять участие в ежегодной профессиональной встрече психологов. 

Встреча пройдет в рамках психологической конференции "Рaбота с трaвмой. Как помочь другим и себе", и будет посвящена обмену опытом по оказанию помощи детям и семьям после пережитой травмы.

Дорогие друзья,

Мы приглашаем психологов и волонтеров на международную обучающую конференцию "Работа с травмой. Как эффективно и быстро помочь другим и себе?"

Научные недели и другие развлечения для подростков в летнем городском лагере ДоброМоре в Будве.

Программа - скачать pdf-файл. https://sendgb.com/dSiTwZ0BbkV

Ставшая традиционной, ежегодная III Пасхальная ярмарка на открытом воздухе, прошла 16 апреля на набережной г.Будва, собрав гостей, прохожих и участников этого яркого события.

Дорогие друзья,

приглашаем Вас 16 апреля на благотворительную пасхальную ярмарку в г.Будва, в районе Словенской Плажи на набережной.


Briefly ABOUT US

The DobroMore organization is engaged in charitable, educational and social projects.

What are we doing?

  • we support families and individuals in difficult situations;

  • 2 times a year we conduct rehabilitation programs for families from the former Soviet Union, in which one or several members have had serious illnesses or suffer from chronic illnesses;

  • 2 times a year we conduct educational trainings for volunteers and specialists in the field of charity;

  • we conduct research programs on education, ecology, charity and rehabilitation;

  • we organize recreation for families and volunteers under our care;

  • we carry out environmental education among the population of Montenegro;

  • we organize co-working and co-living for specialists with various resources;

  • we support the work of Dobro Delo - a volunteer organization in Europe that helps sick children and their families during treatment in Europe;

  • we support the Open School - an intellectual club for children aged 9 up to 16, where the achievements of culture, science and technology are being popularized.

Events are held regularly:

  • classes at the Open School, meetings of psychological groups, trainings, theatrical and musical evenings, trips and excursions, recreation at sea and in the mountains, sports events, lectures and meetings with interesting people, astronomical observations with field trips, environmental events, hikes and much more.

Welcome to the new world! We can make it happier.

 To become a DobroMore Club Member, volunteer or sponsor, write to us !! 

To participate in the rehabilitation program, please fill out the form.

Rehabilitation program


The Dobro More Center runs social and psychological rehabilitation programs for families where a child has experienced or is suffering from a serious illness. The program is aimed at helping those who were in the harsh situation to return to a normal and happy life, find resources and expand the boundaries of their capacity. The program goals are:

  • Improving the quality of life after a previous illness.

  • Physical and mental recuperation, easing anxiety in parents and children.

  • Restoration of a positive perception of life, family and society.

  • Assisting parents in coping with the effects of stress and in teaching children the strategies of adaptive behavior in stress and social communications.

  • Teaching new kinds of leisure activities for families.

  • Easing of some physical restrictions in a specially created safe environment.

  • Helping people to get rid of “disabled person mentality” and become active subjects of their own life.

The program is held on the shores of Adriatic Sea, in Montenegro, at the Splendid five-star hotel for 7 days. The participation is free. Send a request.

Professionals and education

At the Center, we hold the seminars to exchange experience and the educational events.
Some presenters at the educational events:

  • A psycologist (graduated from Moscow State University, developmental psychology and family psychology and psychotherapy). The head of the charity fund “Reka detstva”.


  • Physicist, professor at Delft University of Technology. He does research and education for 40 years already, he is an author of 2 books and 200 scientific articles.
    A volunteer of Russian Orthodox Diakonia “Good Deed” from 2015.

  • Trains Dobro More volunteers, coordinates and participates in Dobro More rehabilitation programs. A politologist and social studies teacher by education, she teaches English online, and runs creative workshops for children and adults.

  • A professional photographer, life coach, theater actor. Currently, the founder and PR-director of the "Urban Beekeeping" project in Moscow.

  • Konstantin Sedov is a lawyer by education (Higher School of Economics, Moscow). He also graduated from the theater studio at Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK). He is employed as a hospital clown. Besides, he runs burnout prevention and communication trainings. He works with nurses, doctors, social workers, foster families.

  • A psychologist and reflexologist at the Millionshchikova First Moscow Hospice. A leading expert in the field of psychological support in palliative medicine. A co-founder of the Scientific and Practical Institute of Personal Psychology, Moscow. Participates in activities of «Vera» Foundation.

  • The head of Atypic, Canada’s leading consulting company for non-profit sector.
    He studied French literature and was about to become a poet. However, at the age of 22 he has started his business and for more than 20 years has been engaged in raising funds for non-profit and charity organizations.


Our future DobroMore Center on the Montenegro coast is located exactly above the place where we have held our first two rehabilitation programs! The parcel area is 8700 sq. m, it is situated in an olive grove overlooking the sea. It is 5 minutes by car from the sea. There is already a modern house to accommodate up to 20 people. There is an opportunity to build a new building next to it. We are looking for an architect who will be able to design the building of the Center suitable for our purposes. I would be grateful for providing me the contacts!

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DobroMore - North

As many of you know, in addition to volunteer support for medical treatment in Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, we also provide education and training for volunteers, educational programs, and rehabilitation programs for families with children who are sick or just underwent a severe illness. The project is called DobroMore and is based in Montenegro.

At the moment, we have an opportunity to purchase a wonderful house in the northern part of Montenegro and create a site there.  This will not only allow us to run our programs all-year-round, but also provide financies for these programs.

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Отзывы участников программы

  • “In October, my daughter and I got a stroke of luck to visit Montenegro, where the first Dobro More rehabilitation program for children and families after difficult situations, was held. When packing our bags, we did not know what to wait, but we were inspired.

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  • "Many thanks to all the founders and organizers of the DobroMore project!!! We knew that something unforgettable is bound to happen in such a gorgeous natural atmosphere, but we didn’t think that everything would take place in such warm family settings...

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  • “I would like to share with you my impressions on the changes in the life of my family after the rehabilitation. Of course, we became more credent and open to people, while before that we felt isolation and distrust...

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  • “It is been long that I’ve been going to write this post of great love and gratitude!!! Yet there are much more feelings inside than the words can say!!!! And writing about something very important and valued is not at all easy!...

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Пресса о нас

Когда перед родителями встает задача отправить тяжелобольного ребенка на лечение на Запад, им на помощь приходит служба православных волонтеров в Европе "Доброе дело". Она объединяет свыше 400 добровольцев в 32 городах Германии, а также в ряде городов Австрии, Франции, Англии, Израиля, Голландии, Бельгии и других стран и сотрудничает с двумя сотнями европейских клиник (преимущественно в Германии). 



The Center existsence relies on your support. To continue our activities, we invite for cooperation and partnership all commercial and non-commercial organizations, foundations, individual volunteers and volunteer associations, teachers, specialists in the fields of psychology, medicine, psychotherapy. We refuse no help!


Selflessly helping people is not an opportunity given to everyone. To live for a smile and joy of a child in need is priceless.


We invite you all to do good together! Your participation will bring real help to the children and parents.


Be close from far away. Provide your real support: help the Center to grow and to do more good.


Let’s make acquaintance

Alina Titova

"We unite the world and bring back the happiness to people”

Alina, the organizer of the "Dobro More" center, is an energetic and experienced manager. She organized Saturday and Sunday schools in the cities of Germany and Scotland; cultural festival on the lake of Constance; public benefit organizations in Germany; centers of culture and integration, joint Russian-German projects in the fields of education, culture and charity.