Dobro More

We bring back the happiness

Rehabilitation and Education Centre in Montenegro

Recuperation. Rehabilitation. Education. Training. Master-classes. Entertainment. Co-working


The space for children who have overcame or persistently fighting a disease, their families, and also volunteers.

The Club

Free or discounted participation in training,recreation at the DobroMore centre for all club members.


The spot with full organizational support for your training and co-working sessions, cultural, educational and corporative events, feasts, conferences.


Supporting people in distress, helping to come back to full and happy life.

Alina Titova

The founder and inspirer of the project

Alina is in charity and volunteering for more than 7 years. She has founded the Diakonia Good Deed, that helps gravely sick chidren, and their families, who come for a treatment to Europe. Today, more than 300 volunteers from Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Israel and other countries take part in this project.

The volunteers strive to support the sick in hospitals, help with the organization of treatment and housing, translation of medical documentation. Also, they raise the funds, teach others willing to help, hold charity bazaars, concerts, and exhibitions.

Such organization guarantees efficient and well-aimed help, and saves quite a budget for the charity funds.

With us, helping others is easy!


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14.03 – 21.03 Family rehabilitation program


10.03 – 13.03 Training of the volunteers
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